Logging to file in Prestashop

If you need to debug a variable or function in Prestashop (PHP, not Smarty) you can use this piece of code. Logging in Prestashop is not very well documented, so I had to dive into the code to figure out how to do it:

$logger = new FileLogger(0); //0 == debug level, logDebug() won’t work without this.
$logger->logDebug(“message 1″);
$logger->logDebug(“message 2″);

Debug messages will look like this (inside “/log/debug.log” at root dir in Prestashop):

*DEBUG* 2014/02/11 – 14:31:48: Hello world

I hope this helps somebody :-). Cheers.

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  1. Hey it is quite easy to debug multiple variables, than the ordinary Logger.Thanks for the code and you saved my time man

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